Blood Flow Restriction Training for Endurance

Run, Bike and Swim Better with B3 Bands

Why B3 Changes The Game

B3 Bands create a Deeper Slow Twitch Fatigue and Greater Aerobic Conditioning Adaptation

  • When you are doing aerobic exercise like running, biking, or swimming you are predominantly recruiting Slow Twitch Muscle Fibers
  • When wearing the Bands on your legs, your Slow Twitch Muscle Fibers have less oxygen to work with.
  • Soon after starting your aerobic exercise, you will notice your Slow Twitch Fibers quickly fatigue due to reduced oxygen.
  • As your continue to exercise, you will realize a deeper recruitment of Slow Twitch Fibers
  • Deeper fatigue of Slow Twitch Fibers results in greater adaption of your endurance and aerobic conditioning


  • Less Volume or Distance required
  • Faster Recovery
  • Greater Aerobic Conditioning
  • Faster Times

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What The Endurance Pros Are Saying About B3

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How to Train with B3

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