How to Use BFR Bands to Build Strength and Muscle

Does BFR Training Increase Muscle Growth?

Bands create 4 Profound Effects in the Body that are significant factors in building muscle:

  • A Big Nitric Oxide Release
  • Complete Slow & Fast Twitch Fiber Recruitment
  • A Deeper Fast Twitch Muscle Fatigue
  • Big post BFR Growth Hormone Surge

When you combine these 4 effects in the body, you will see significant Muscle Hypertrophy & Strength Changes.

These 4 effects are not typically attainable with normal strength training, but with B3 Bands it is easy... and can be done in under 20 minutes a day!

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BFR For Advanced Muscle Building Program

3 Phase Advanced Strength Training Program with B3 Bands

This will produce impressive results over 6 months.

*For serious weight or power lifters, each 60-day period below can be reduced to 30 days each or 3 months total*

After the 90 or 180-day period, you can alternate these 3 different workouts as desired.

First 60 Days – BFR only on alternating Days
• Every other workout, use BFR only with ~30% of your 1 rep max. If you have 3 separate workouts in your routine, you will have 3 BFR only days and 3 normal days.
• Weight should be adjusted so you get to maximal fatigue at 30, 15, and 15 reps in 3 sets with no more than 30 seconds rest in between. You can add a 4th set of 15 after a few workouts to push to maximal failure.
• Move quickly between lifts or body parts, get to failure quickly, and quickly move to the next lift or exercise
• Your workout on BFR days should be quick, less than 30 minutes.
• Tell yourself it is ‘OK’ to lift light and for shorter duration, results will come!

Second 60 Days – BFR as a Starter
• Every workout, start each body part or lift with the Bands and a quick set of 30-45 reps to a quick fatigue or hard Burn at ~30% of 1 rep max. This may take up to 50 reps to get the hard burn and pump.
• Then deflate or remove the Bands and continue with your normal lifts.

Third 60 Days – BFR as a Finisher
• Every workout, at the end of each body part or lift, quickly pump up the Bands and do a ‘burnout’ with the Bands with a quick set of 30-45 reps to a maximal failure at ~30% of 1 rep max. This may take less or more reps to get to failure, with the important result of hitting maximal failure with the light weight.

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