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Amber Rehab Floaters

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With every purchase of B3 Bands, you'll receive a complimentary 30-day coaching package! This includes access to one of our certified B3 BFR coaches who can assist you via email, as well as access to our exercise library and fitness programs.

Additionally, join our live welcome calls held twice a week with Dr. Mike to learn band techniques and ask questions virtually. Click here to view the call schedule. We'll even tailor a personalized B3 Bands program exclusively for you.


• Build strength and muscle
• Lose weight
• Tone up
• Perform better
• Rehab better
• Seniors
• Kids
• Endurance training
• Golf
• Tennis
• Pickleball
• Gymnastics
• Run, Bike, Swim
• Speed training
• Volleyball
• Basketball
• Soccer
• Kettlebell